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Top 10 Cars for Trade-In in 2021

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May 16, 2022

Car depreciation is a fact of life that is unavoidable. This does not mean it can be contained, however. Certain car models and brands do not decrease in value as quickly as others. For instance, Lexus is known to uphold and maintain its value after years of use.

 This luxury car brand is popular for consumers who want to be as financially sound as possible. On average, car buyers trading in their cars are receiving over 125% more cash in comparison to previous years.

Recent 2021 studies released the top 10 cars that have the best trade-in value for cash during this year’s market. CNET provided the best cars to sell for cash and can be seen in the table below:

Top 10 cars for cash by car model and brand, featuring Chevrolet at number one
(Photo and Data Courtesy of CNET)

This is a general list that does not get too granular by any means. It is a great reference to refer to when looking to purchase your next vehicle to forecast how severe decrepitation will be. Prices and car types will fluctuate every year, so it is always a good idea to keep up with the market to see where your vehicle stands.

 A consumer’s most powerful tool when it comes to selling or buying a car will always be information that is transparent. Here is a resource anyone can use from the comfort of their own home that helps determine the value of any car.