Frequently Asked Questions about Car Selling

Have questions about selling your car? We’ve got answers.

1Do I need an appointment to sell my car?
No, but we recommend an appointment.
2Do I need to go to the DMV?
No, we take care of the title paperwork with the DMV.
3When will I get paid after selling my car?
Same day.
4Why should I sell to
It’s easy. We use current analytics to determine the market value of your vehicle for an immediate cash offer.
5Do you buy finance vehicles?
Yes, we will need to call your finance company for a 10-day dealer payoff. It is important to speak to your Finance company if they allow 3rd party buyouts. If there is positive equity, you will receive payment same day of transaction. If you owe more than what the value of the vehicle(negative equity) the difference will have to be paid by you at the time of the sale. We accept cash or a cashier's check to pay for your negative equity.
6How long will it take for my loan to be paid off?
We send your payoff immediately, we want the title as badly as you want the vehicle paid off. It will take a few days for your bank to process our money, which is why we always get a 10-day dealer payoff from your financial institution.
7Will you buy my bad history report or salvage title car?
Unfortunately, at the moment we are not purchasing vehicles with a bad past.
8How do I get home?
We provide a complementary ride home* (within 50 miles)
9Do you match offers?
We would love the opportunity to be able view your vehicle and possibly match or beat any valid offers that you have.
10Do I need to smog my car before I sell it to you?
No, A smog certificate is not needed when selling your car to us.
11What do you do with my car?
In most cases the vehicle will remain local, but there is a chance it will leave the state.
12Can you wire my payment?
Yes, it will have to be done at our office before 10am. It will take between 2-4 hours for you to receive the money. Ask your representative for more details.
13I just paid my registration. Can I get a refund?
No, Carbuyer LA has no control to issue any refund or credit. For additional questions on this matter visit or call your local DMV office.